The Ugly Truth

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By now, you’ve most likely seen The Video.

You know the one. It features a large man brutalising a small child over a bottle of milk and it pretty much took over Facebook for two whole days.

I won’t be linking to it here (that would be rather pointless, now that the police have caught the suspects), but if — by chance — you haven’t seen it, trust me when I tell you it’s very hard to watch. Especially if you have a child of your own. Particularly if that child happens to be right around the age of the child in the video. Continue reading “The Ugly Truth”



Once upon a time, my little Boss Lady was deeply enamoured of her Daddy. She cried if he left the room without her and she demanded her cuddles within seconds of his return. That made it relatively easy to get away when I needed a little break (which usually meant going on a grocery run). I knew the real separation anxiety phase was right around the corner, but I figured her dad and I would bear that burden equally.

It’s quite possible that I’ve never been more wrong in my life. Continue reading “Mommy-Struck”


3 Ways to get Baby Sleeping through the Night without Losing your Mind!

The internet is full of cute videos, however when you find something that claims to be both cute and helpful, it becomes an instant hit! Case in point, the recent viral video that showed a dad putting his baby to sleep in less than 60 seconds, using nothing but a piece of tissue! Yes 42 seconds to be exact and with a cute baby being magically lulled to sleep with only a piece of non-chloroformed tissue, what new parent wouldn’t want to learn this trick?

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There is an old joke that goes “Last night I slept like a baby. I woke up three times, wet myself twice and cried myself back to sleep.” New parents know all too well the sleepless nights that a new baby can bring and although each baby is different, let’s take a look at three of the more common techniques for getting baby off to a good start.
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Happy Father’s Day from Baby Babble Radio!

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At first glance, it might seem like Baby Babble Radio is all about mommies. After all, it is the brainchild of veteran broadcaster Samantha John. We’re also blessed to have the incredible journalist, Lenn Almadin-Thornhill on our team. Then there’s me, blogger, announcer and Work at Home Mommy extraordinaire. We even welcomed a new mommy blogger/announcer to the mix quite recently: Katyan Roach!

However, if you take a closer look, it’s easy to see how much love we have for daddies. Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day from Baby Babble Radio!”


Living On the Back Burner

My daughter eats at least two servings of fruit per day. Her dietary staples also include brown rice, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, lentils and red beans (neither of which come from a can). I make these things in big batches throughout the week and freeze them in easy-to-serve portion sizes.

Meanwhile, I eat whatever is easiest to throw together or pick up on the go. It’s not unusual for me to put her to bed at 8pm, organize her super-healthy meals for the next day and then pop some popcorn for myself for dinner. The only real meal I eat regularly is breakfast (a scrambled egg, toast and coffee… which I can usually finish before she starts scaling the furniture) and the only fruits I eat tend to be samples of whatever I’m cutting up for tomorrow’s snacks. Continue reading “Living On the Back Burner”


A+ Professor; World Needs Improvement

Look at him, teaching away, baby in hand. (image via
Look at him, just teaching away, baby in hand. (image via

Have you seen this pic?

If not, I’d like to introduce you to Professor Sydney Engelberg. He teaches an Organizational Behavior class at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University. That baby he’s holding? Not his. Nor is he a prop illustrating Social Identity Theory (whatever that is). Rather, that baby belongs to one of Engelberg’s students. He started crying during the class (as babies do) and — as the mother was preparing to leave — the professor took the baby, calmed him down and continued teaching the class.

Let’s just pause here for a second and let that sink in. Continue reading “A+ Professor; World Needs Improvement”