Clash of the Titans – what to do when parenting styles collide!

For someone who prefers quiet moments, my house can get pretty hectic. A typical Monday can see my son lounging around in the nude as his grandmother screams at him to get dressed before spirits steal his naked soul! In my opinion, my son can be naked all he wants but it’s not a battle I choose to have with the woman who brought me into the world and maybe, if pushed, can still take me out!

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Looking back at my own childhood, my parents never really argued over how they would discipline me. My mother would loudly suggest that I eat my vegetables or whatever it was I didn’t like. I’d protest and my father would calmly say “Come on, leave the poor child alone, if she doesn’t want it, don’t force her!” And although that led to me having the weirdest diet plan ever, for the most parts, if I did anything wrong, both my parents eventually agreed on one chosen method of discipline but what if they didn’t?

Parenting is never easy and even when you raise a child with a partner you love; you can and will bump heads. Many of us tend to repeat the patterns of discipline we were taught as kids and that simply means that the way we were raised, plays a big part in how we choose to disciple our own children and when two people come together with different views on child rearing, it can be a major source of conflict.

So let’s suppose that you came from a home where spankings were allowed and your partner didn’t. Or what if you grew up in an environment where children were free to explore whilst your partner’s upbringing was more controlled. How do you, as a couple find common ground? Do you both sit calmly and discuss your options; throw your hands up in despair or does it turn into a battle zone? Don’t despair, parenting conflicts can be resolved and to help us along, I’ll share some really useful tips from the one and only. *Dr. Phil Mc Graw.- Psychologist and life strategist.

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Clash of the Titans – what to do when parenting styles collide!

Happy Father’s Day from Baby Babble Radio!

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At first glance, it might seem like Baby Babble Radio is all about mommies. After all, it is the brainchild of veteran broadcaster Samantha John. We’re also blessed to have the incredible journalist, Lenn Almadin-Thornhill on our team. Then there’s me, blogger, announcer and Work at Home Mommy extraordinaire. We even welcomed a new mommy blogger/announcer to the mix quite recently: Katyan Roach!

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Living On the Back Burner

My daughter eats at least two servings of fruit per day. Her dietary staples also include brown rice, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, lentils and red beans (neither of which come from a can). I make these things in big batches throughout the week and freeze them in easy-to-serve portion sizes.

Meanwhile, I eat whatever is easiest to throw together or pick up on the go. It’s not unusual for me to put her to bed at 8pm, organize her super-healthy meals for the next day and then pop some popcorn for myself for dinner. The only real meal I eat regularly is breakfast (a scrambled egg, toast and coffee… which I can usually finish before she starts scaling the furniture) and the only fruits I eat tend to be samples of whatever I’m cutting up for tomorrow’s snacks. Continue reading “Living On the Back Burner”


A+ Professor; World Needs Improvement

Look at him, teaching away, baby in hand. (image via
Look at him, just teaching away, baby in hand. (image via

Have you seen this pic?

If not, I’d like to introduce you to Professor Sydney Engelberg. He teaches an Organizational Behavior class at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University. That baby he’s holding? Not his. Nor is he a prop illustrating Social Identity Theory (whatever that is). Rather, that baby belongs to one of Engelberg’s students. He started crying during the class (as babies do) and — as the mother was preparing to leave — the professor took the baby, calmed him down and continued teaching the class.

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Shameless Parenting

Nothing causes internet controversy like parenting choices, especially when they don’t conform to everyone’s definition of “acceptable” parenting. Obviously, it’s impossible to satisfy everyone with every choice, but anything mildly unorthodox is bound to bring down fire and brimstone, even if, deep down inside, everyone knows they’ve been there a time or two. Continue reading “Shameless Parenting”