Happy Father’s Day from Baby Babble Radio!

(image via fathersdayuk2015.com)

At first glance, it might seem like Baby Babble Radio is all about mommies. After all, it is the brainchild of veteran broadcaster Samantha John. We’re also blessed to have the incredible journalist, Lenn Almadin-Thornhill on our team. Then there’s me, blogger, announcer and Work at Home Mommy extraordinaire. We even welcomed a new mommy blogger/announcer to the mix quite recently: Katyan Roach!

However, if you take a closer look, it’s easy to see how much love we have for daddies. Kearn Samuel brings the fatherhood perspective to babybabbleradio.com with his show, Cold Coffee, on Thursdays from 4-7pm (TT time).

Equally as important are the daddies working hard behind the scenes to support the Baby Babble Radio ladies. Romel Best (Sammy Jo’s husband) balances the demands of fatherhood while running Red Noise Studio out of their home studio. Oh, and did I mention that he’s responsible for making sure we all sound our best on babybabbleradio.com? Meanwhile, Chivon and Lenn have teamed up to pursue their respective impressive careers while raising two accomplished teens. On my end, my partner Lee has supported the frenetic career shifts that helped me build the foundation for my current varied freelance pursuits. He’s also not afraid of a dirty diaper and counts bathtime among his favorite parts of the day.

The ladies of Baby Babble Radio wouldn’t be who we are without the daddies who love us and you better believe we love them right back. So we’d like to take this opportunity to wish them — and all of you, our beloved daddy readers and listeners — a happy Father’s Day.

We’re also kicking off our Show us Your Daddy drive, a little initiative aimed at showing fatherhood in all its forms and encouraging everyone to celebrate fatherhood every day. I’ll go first: PhotoGrid_1434859491520 This is what fatherhood looks like in our family. What does it look like in yours?

Post a pic of your little one and his/her daddy in the comments and you may see it in our Show Us Your Daddy Facebook album!


10502365_929747340373699_6826095305402629976_nCalisa is the exhausted mother of an energetic, (generally) good-natured and ridiculously sharp toddler whose sole mission in life is obviously to keep mommy on her toes. She spends much of her time reading board books, changing diapers and saying “Ah-ah-ah! Mommy said ‘NO’!” while counting down the hours to bedtime.


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