Hordor Who?

Confession time: I have never seen a single episode of Scandal. I have also never seen The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones or How To Get Away With Murder. 

Confession within a confession: I had to Google that last one because I couldn’t remember the correct name.

I know, I know, I should be thoroughly ashamed of myself.

I am, believe me. I’m not one of those hipper-than-thou, refuse-to-rot-my-brain-with-TV people. My ridiculous DVD collection would testify to that. It’s just that I fell off the pop culture treadmill about 15 months ago and haven’t been able to catch up since. I wasn’t kidding about the monomania that usurped my life after Boss Lady’s arrival. I have however been semi-lurking behind the scenes via Facebook.

For example, I know what HTGAWM means (though I totally spaced on it about 15 minutes ago) and that someone on that show took off her wig. I know Olivia Pope is (was?) sleeping with the President and that there are dragons (figurative? literal?) in GOT and zombies in TWD. Sad, huh?

It’s not like I don’t want to catch up. I got cable, but by then all the seasons had already started – and I HATE to start a show in the middle – so I decided that I would wait until the first seasons were over to catch up. Scandal is now in its fourth season (right?) so that clearly didn’t work out. I didn’t even see the Black Mirror Christmas special until this month. (It was still great, though.)

I’ve been meaning to stream them all so I can catch up and join the fevered discussion threads that start popping up as soon as the new airdates come out, but instead, I’ve been hunting down vintage Sesame Street and SchoolHouse Rock segments for the Boss Lady. I also have this tendency to pass out as soon as I get her to bed… so here I am, out of the loop and wondering what this meme is all about:

Did... did she not make lemonade with them?
Did… did she not make lemonade with them?

Well, no more. I’m determined to find out what all the fuss is about and I’m willing to give up some sleep (not much, mind you) to do it.

So, I’m throwing the floor open to you mommies and daddies: What should be on my Must-Watch list? What shows have you been dying to catch up on?

Calisa is the exhausted mother of an energetic, (generally) good-natured and ridiculously sharp toddler whose sole mission in life is obviously to keep mommy on her toes. She spends much of her time reading board books, changing diapers and saying “Ah-ah-ah! Mommy said ‘NO’!” while counting down the hours to bedtime.

Hordor Who?

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